AlienDestroyer ScreenShot

AlienDestoryer Main Screen

New version 3.7.4

* Simple and easy to use Drag and Drop interface.
* Process-Destroy Files and Folders
* Process-Destroy Multiple Files or Folders
* Process-Destroy Files and Folders Simultaneously
* Complete control over Files and Folders, can be revised and removed before activating Destroying options. Single File-Folder removal or All Items removal.
* Process-Destroy in single passes from Local-External HDD's as well as most Mountable Devices , ( USB, FireWire, Flash Memory Cards, Pen Drives, iPods, Shuffles ) etc.
*Show-Hide invisible files
*Purge Temporary Files

Download Demo

Demo Version (SHA1 ) 7A6DCAAA9855AFC28107DB5854F9A340D91050C6
Full Version (SHA1) 4EEBAD99896E75C85BC4D21BFC307A21302E0D45

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